Monday, December 8, 2008

Genting Trip for Year 3 Sem 2

Hallo, for your information me and Ila are organizing a trip to Genting Highlands on 9 and 10 January 2009. The fees for this trip is RM 85.00 which includes the accomodation, breakfast, theme park ticket and return bus transfer and skyway transfer. For those who are interested in this trip, pls give me or Ila a call to make your confirmation. I hope most student in Y3 S2 will join this trip.

It is pleased to inform that there will be good chance for holiday to Genting Highlands with the reasonable promotion price. The Genting Highlands package that I introduced to you all for relax at the peak and relaxing hill.

The details of the package and promotion are as follow:

Date: 9 - 10 January 2009

Time: 10am* meet at KL Sentral

Package RM 70.00 Included:
Accomodation : First World Hotel ( room + breakfast* = 2 person per room) , bus transfer from KLS – GH - KLS, and ALL Park Theme Park ticket.

Excluded: Lunch, Dinner, Supper, Other Expenses

* Subject to change according to Genting Highlands Resort’s quotation and information

Don’t miss out this chance …………………………….

CHEAP … CHEAP … CHEAP … Hurry Up ~~~ First come First serve ~~~

Package Itineraries


10.00 am Meet at KL Sentral (KLS).
11.00 am Depart at Genting Skyway B4, by Genting Skyway Cable Car transfer to Genting –
City of Entertainment.
11.15 am Arrive at First World Hotel Lobby and our friendly crew will assist you in check-in/
12.00 pm After check in, free at leisure. You may take a rest in your hotel room or you may
enjoy an aroma coffee and cakes at Lobby Café @ First World Hotel.
1.00 pm Lunch.
2.00 pm First trip, enjoy a wonderful day in Genting Theme Park (Indoor and Outdoor).
6.00 pm Return to hotel room for leisure and rest.
7.30 pm Dinner
8.30 pm Second trip, enjoy a wonderful at Genting Indoor Theme Park. Free at Leisure.
12.00 am Supper.
1.00 am Rest.


7.00 am Morning Call
8.00 am Breakfast
9.00 am Free at Leisure.
12.00 pm Check out.
1.00 pm Lunch.
2.00 pm Transfer to Skyway B4 by Skyway Cable Car.
2.15 pm Depart at Skyway B4. Free and Leisure.
3.30 pm Transfer back to KL Sentral by air- conditional coach 44-seaters
4.30 pm Depart at KL Sentral

*The operator have a right to cancel the activities due to bad weather or safety purpose .


Monday, December 1, 2008

No Internet~

Starting from last Thursday, 27 November afternoon until today, I cannot online at home bacause the internet cannot used due to the cable problem. I checked with TM and went to TM Point already and they said Telephone and Streamyx accounts are active and probably there is some problem with the cable. My last called was yesterday night and i report to them. Therefore, they said will ask the technician to come and check the cable. But till now the technician still not yet come and fix the problem. And i will called now to ensure that nobody is complaining that I am not called TM and not fix the problem. I hope the internet will available as soon as possible so that I can online at home and don't need to come out and online.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Halo Cafe @ Jaya One Palm Square

Now is 25th November 2008 which is 1.27am. I am still not yet sleep and writing my blog. Me and my friends, Harto, Berry and Poh Y'ng juz came back from Halo Cafe @ Jaya One near UTAR there. It is quite a nice place with a lot of restaurants, cafe and bistro. First, we planned to go inside and take a look and at last we went to Halo Cafe and have a drinks. After we sit inside the cafe then we had ordered our drinks. I ordered Blue Sea Mocktail, Harto ordered 3 Colour Milk Tea, Berry ordered Peppermint Soda and finally Spy ordered Lychee Gree Tea.

"Blue Sea" Mocktails

Lychee Green Tea

"Peppermint Soda"

3 Colours Milk Tea

After we had our drinks and chatting, then the singers of Halo Cafe started to perform some songs includes Chinese, English songs for us to enjoy the music while have a drink at Halo Cafe. Then, one singer was singing and another one is playing the piano. Time was pass very fast and it was already 12.20am like this. After that, the waiter give us the bill and i pay the money then we went back to apartment.

I am quite enjoy the music at Halo Cafe and I will go again with my friends to enjoy the music from the famous Halo Singers while enjoying a drink or dinner.

For my friends and others who have not yet been to Jaya One or Halo Cafe, u may take this opportunity to go there and have ur dinner or have a drink with ur friends and etc.

Here are the some photos that I took at halo Cafe @ Jaya One Palm Square:

Friday, March 7, 2008

My 1st Cook in PJ~

This was the 1st time I cook when i study at pj because want to save money is the first reason and another reason is always eat outside foods until dunno what to eat already. So decided went to Jaya Grocer and bought things to cook. Just now about 7.30pm like this i went Jaya 33 and bought some things such as vegetables, tauhu, sardin and etc to cook for tonite dinner. Then after i bought all the things then i went back to apartment and start to cook for my dinner.

First, Suharto cook his dishes which are sardin and fried eggs.

After SUharto cook his dishes then my turn to cook my dishes which are fried vegetables and Thai Sauce Japanese Taufu.

I enjoyed cooking because it is really nice when cooking. And suharto said my fried vege nice and this was my 1st time cook then can cook until this standard. I am very happy. I like the vegetables and thai sauce taufu and also sardin that cook by Suharto.

More interesting posts will coming soon...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

New War is Begins.........

The new war will be begins in one to ten days... And this war is related to the human and human.... That is the election will be begins and everybody is fighting for the vote normally BN will be win other parties because they are counted the vote inside the vote house. And this one similar with war that will happen between the human and human and not not politician and politician. Haha....

This war is like that because this is happen from a very simple matter and make it very complicated. After the matter already and almost settle but the the things become hot topic again like example in product life cycle stages which the things already decline but it went up again to introductory then after that growth again. Haha. Its just an example. Hahaha......

Hopefully this war will not become worst an worst....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some photos took when yan char at SS2

Yam Char at SS2 Famous Mamak Store

Yesterday night I had a conversation with my friend, Sam and I ask her went to yam char then she said ok. Therefore, i asked Suharto, Chan and Zach whether want to follow or not? They said ok. So we change our clothes and wait Sam come to fetch us. After that, Sam missed call me said that she already reach Millennium Square and ask me to went down. After that we saw Sam at the car already then we went into her car and she said want to go to SS2 to yam char.

After 10 minutes, we reach SS2 ady but we cannot find a parking because there side really alot people and finally we found one parking space beside the road. Then we went down from the car and walked to the Mamak Stall and we saw that a lot people yam char at there. After we sit then we ordered our drinks and I ordered the Lychee Special and Sam ordered Mango Special. It was nice and the drinks also very big and it costs RM5 per cup. Then we chit chatting with each others. At the middle of our chit chatting, Zach send message to me and ask me to come out with the topics and talk with Sam while Chan and Suharto were taking me n Sam photo. Then, the time was past very fast and it came to almost 11pm and Sam had class on wed morning. Then, i ask her want to go back already or not? Then she said ok lor.

After i paid the money for the drinks, we got into the car and Sam fetch us went back and when reached at Millennium then i talked to Sam that asked her to drive carefully and give me a call or sms whn she reach at her house.

After we got out from her car, we saw Ya Yun, Bernie, SPY, Orange and Berry yam char-ing at Piccadilly then i went to sit with them and talk with them. Then after that Ya yun said she very tired then we went back to apartment and after not so long Sam sms me said that she already reach her house. Then i called her and after my handphone no credit then she called me back and we talk abt 19 mins. Then after that i slept already because i am not feeling well but today i am good already and i still had sore throat. Sam asked me to drink a lot of water because i got sore throat.

I thinks i update my blog until here 1st and will post an interesting blog in future.